Designing a Bedroom for Teenagers Using a Room Planner

Designing a bedroom for teenagers involves the same fundamental principles irrespective of whether this particular teen is a boy or a girl – or child or young woman. Most teenagers have the same needs, irrespective of gender, and the following tips using an online room planner should help you design a fabulous bedroom for your teenage kids.

Note that the guidelines presented are useful whether you are the parent or the teenager سرویس خواب نوجوان هومودکورز. Until you want a quarrel to deal with, the two should agree in any case.

  1. Assess Your needs

Decide what the more important aspects your design will be, to check out the room space available. Some bedrooms are massive while others might be a lot more than boxrooms, so this is an important perhaps the design – to fit in the essential before looking at extras. It is therefore important to know what is important to need before making any purchasing decisions.

The bed is an essential item, as is underbed storage space. You will need storage for clothes and personal stuff. You will also need space for getting dressed – about 6 ft rectangular is ideal, and shelves or wall units for a TV and stereo system. Anything other than this will be extras. Once you have fitted all of this into your space, you can think of these extras – items such as nightstands, spare beds and even table hockey.

The teenage years are a crossroads in personal life, when they want to be independent and unique, but they just don’t want to appear different to their peers. They will want to invite their friends to their room, and maybe even have sleepovers, that makes it important they’ve a say in designing their bedroom – this process can be done together, with parent and teen making the decisions together.

  1. Deciding on Bedroom furniture For Teens

There are several options available for the bed, and you can approach this in one of two ways: a) tend to the other essentials first and then decide on the style of bed, or b) choose the bed and fit the rest around it.

Your choice will be limited by the space available. For the smaller room, the first approach is best, and it is that on which we focus here. Go online and discover a furniture site with an online room planner. Enter the dimensions of your room into the room planner.

Then mark aside the space for getting dressed – this can contain a storage ottoman or a small chair. An area about 6 ft rectangular containing an ottoman or small chair would be ideal. You also have to have a desk and chair for the laptop and homework. You might also like a more comfortable form of sitting for lounging about and viewing television: an armchair or settee, for example. Add it to your room planner!

Check out some online furniture stores for furniture ideas: Stickley Starters, the Custom Shoppe and Canal Dover all manufacture bedroom furniture. Check out some pieces and their dimensions. All you are looking for now are typical dimensions to add to your room planner so you can plan how to use your space.

Your choice of cabinets and dressers should provide a good selection of drawer sizes, some for smalls, jewelry and so on, and some for skirts, jeans and larger items. An armoire would be a good choice – and make good use of the partitions available, both length and height.

  1. Bedroom For Teenagers: Choosing the Bed

First, check out the space you have left after choosing all the essential items except the bed. Now you can appreciate the benefit of leaving the bed till last. The bed is undoubtedly the most important item in a bedroom for teenagers, but if you are running out of space it is also the most adaptable.

There are options to the traditional bed, and if space is running short a futon or even a settee bed might be ideal. Each of these can be used for sitting during the day, and changed to a bed at night. The bedcovers could be stored in a storage ottoman, also used for sitting. A strong such as the Custom Shoppe can make up a storage ottoman with a back and arms if you want one.

A settee bed is a good idea, because it provides comfortable sitting for two or three and also greatly improves up as a bed, from double to king size. An alternative solution is a bunk bed, with the bed on top, and storage or a desk beneath it rather than a lower bed.

  1. Summing Up

Designing a bedroom for teenagers is neither easy nor difficult. You must get the person using the room involved, and select the furniture together – or give them a budget and also them to do it alone. You can explain the responsibility is theirs – for which they will respect you so long as you do not criticize their choices.

A teenager’s bedroom is his or her personal space, and your opinion about what they do with it is inconsequential to them. Accept this, and they will love you for it. They might surprise you with their maturity of choice – or they might not – whatever! A place planner will help, but designing a bedroom for teenagers should be done by a teenager- yours!

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