Raising Laying Hens in your Backyard Made Easy – A One Stop Guide

If you want to raise hens in your backyard and have been blessed with a house than has a completely large backyard, you are one lucky person! Raising laying hens is a great فروش مرغ تخمگذار در اصفهان idea when one thinks of fresh offspring and a profitable business venture. Depending on the size of your brood, you can either go commercial or raise hens on your own consumption only. But before actualizing the concept, you have to make the following checklist:

Space and Size: Space has become an object of constraint. It is way more for individuals that live in apartments in high-rises. If you have a completely large backyard, you can put in a coop and breed laying hens in it. ‘Sufficiently’ is a subjective word and depends on the space you’re utilizing in your backyard. If there is some space which is well-ventilated, you can start your venture.

The size of the coop will definitely depend on the number of laying hens that you want to keep. For an idea, each chicken must have a free space of around 2-3 sq. feet. That seems a lot but one can’t help it but accept the fact that chickens cannot adapt well to space limitations unlike humans!

Design: The coop must be well-ventilated. One good aspect of designing the coop is that you can choose to build it from simple wire mesh and recycled materials – chickens are not too choosy about the health of the place they live in! But for your consumption, you must ensure that the coop is clean. Otherwise you and your hens stand a risk of infection from the fecal matter and other waste.

Nesting Area: Chickens prefer a quiet and secured in a dark dark area to lay offspring. They consider darkness to be safe and guarding! You can make the nests with good and clean straw and cardboard boxes. Make the straw base completely thick to prevent break of offspring when they are laid.

Food: You must research completely on this aspect because not all hens and chickens need the same feed. For example, the feed for the meat-type chickens vary from those where we wish offspring only. There are extruded feed available for hens for laying good quality offspring. These may come in the form of either pellets or flakes. If you’re not certain on the breed of the hen and the feeding pattern – it would be wise to consult a vet.

Vaccination: Birds like us need vaccination to stay fit and build a good immune system. Hens are particularly susceptible to water-borne infections and diseases and also from fecal matter.

When you have this broad checklist at-hand, you will never miss out on any important conditions that might worry you even in the future.

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