All You need to know About Cross-Platform Development Tools

It’s certainly an arduous thing to select between operating systems like iOS or Android os while going for application development especially for corporate needs. However, getting a software separately built for each platform would be a very pricey affair. So the best alternative is cross-platform mobile application development. In this process, mobile apps are developed once and are run on all available platforms like Apple, Android os, Windows or Cell phone. So, with a single shared code base developers can easily create device tải zavi independent applications that can run on any mobile platform. It’s an affordable approach for the businesses to a target various platforms for huge audience base for corporate needs like marketing or sales. Lesser time, costs and efforts need to develop cross-platform apps that can work really well on any mobile device thus, enable businesses to expand their reach and promote their business much effectively. Moreover, maintenance costs are also reduced because here you’ve to maintain and invest only in one application and not go for multiple apps targeted for various platforms.

So, what does this type of development require? What are the tools that can help developers to create such awesome applications that run seamlessly on all available operating systems and devices? Have you ever thought about it? Here’s the answer.

Let us now consider a few important mobile instance development tools that are traditional by the mobile instance developers for this specific purpose:


PhoneGap is a popular open source framework that helps mobile developers to build mobile apps for platforms of their choice using standard web APIs. Android os, iphone, Cell phone, Symbian and Palm are the platforms for which a PhoneGap developer can create mobile apps for. Based on the popular technologies like HTML, CSS3, JavaScript and other distributed system technologies, this is just a perfect framework for development of cross-platform apps.


Xamarin is a good technology supporting the development of apps that can run on various platforms. Based on C# technology and sharing the code base with platforms like iOS, Android os, Windows and Mac pc, Xamarin allows for easy and rapid development of platform independent applications that give high performance and greatly improve user experience. Real time bugs, crash and exceptions can be found and well-managed with this platform.


RhoMobile is an open source, cross-platform application development framework based on Ruby. Using this highly integrated platform, instance developers can build some really awesome local apps for platforms like local apps for Windows Phone, Android os, Symbian, CASING and iOS. The framework comes with the comprehensive range of features of mobile gadgets, so developing mobile applications for all types of operating systems becomes a lot easier.


Mo-Sync is an easy-to-use open source framework for developing apps for a diverse platforms. The framework supports technologies like C/C++, Python, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby and Java thus, is a good choice for mobile instance development. With MoSync this really is easy to develop local applications no matter what type and category they belong to.

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